Educational and investment mix from the Academy of a Private Investor "Invest-consultant + Profi-investor 1 category"

Studying the material in video format in a convenient way for you, online meetings (mentoring support), access to the video materials of the program for 1 year.

A completely new approach in investment education, training of private professional investors and independent investment consultants

Required theoretical knowledge

Global financial markets, stock and foreign exchange markets, blockchain technology market, crypto-investments and crowdinvesting.

Putting theory into practice

Practice your skills in the ready-made NEEW Ecosystem markets.

Crypto-Investments and the CrowdInvesting Market

Operate in the markets and get results 5–25 times better than traditional consultants and advisors.

Result in 3-15 months of practical action

Income from consulting and training from $5,000 to $50,000 per month. Investment portfolio of $5-20 million over 2-7 years.

Pay for the program

Course author

Khovratov Andrey Fedorovich

  • Author and CEO of the "Academy of a Private Investor"
  • Author of the concept of the New Economic Evolution of the World
  • Multidisciplinary professional investor
  • Consultant on the preservation, augmentation and management of private wealth
  • The best trainer and business coach in financial and investment personal development of 2018 according to Melon Rich and Finance Times magazines.

Investments are an integral part of societal development in the modern world.

The Investment Consultant specialization is becoming more and more demanded and promising. In the next 3 years, there will be a queue of over 1 000 clients per Investment Consultant looking for advising services.

The Academy of a Private Investor, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary on September 15, 2021, has prepared an anniversary gift for its clients and listeners, namely a new multi-investment program aimed at quickly gaining new and relevant knowledge in the field of investment in all segments and sectors of the investment market, namely:

1. Financial, stock, currency and cryptocurrency markets.
2. Venture and complex investment programs, such as investments in the cryptomarket and blockchain technologies, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting.

Course instructors

Andrey Khovratov

Author and CEO of the “Academy of a Private Investor”.

1.0 Broker and 5.0 portfolio manager certificates.

Multidisciplinary professional investor.

The best trainer and business coach in financial and investment personal development of 2018 according to Melon Rich and Finance Times magazines.

Valery Petrov

Member of the Supervisory Board: VTB Bank, Bank Vozrozhdenie, JSC Finam and more than 10 large companies.

Deputy CEO: Moscow Exchange, SK Arsenal.

CEO: Alliance Capital Management Russia, Ingosstrakh Investments.

Successfully participated in organizing and conducting classic IPOs, SPOs, and digital ICOs, IEOs, IFOs, IAOs, STOs, NFTs.

Artem Kabanov

Asset manager with 7 years of experience in the field.

Financial analyst.

Investment consultant.

Developer of a strategy for working with mutual investment funds.

Studied the intraday trading strategy of A. M. Gerchik.

Has basic and 1.0 FFMS certificates.

Mila Serdyukova

Representative of the Presidential Council.

Evorich Partner Program President.

Director of strategic development of the company.

Investment consultant.

Certified “Master-Profi” coach and host of “Genius of Finance”.

International speaker.

Armands Murnieks

Representative of the Presidential Council.

Top-cheque of the company.

Evorich partner program President.

Resident of the Hall of Game of Global Network Entrepreneurs.

TOP 20 best recruiters in the world.

Alexander Sibul

Gecertificeerde RICS taxateur

Een medewerker van een taxatiebureau voor onroerend goed, een van de top 5 internationale vastgoedbedrijven

Hij heeft een master ‘ s degree in Finance and Real Estate Investment.

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Pay for the program

"Invest-consultant" program

The "Invest-Consultant" program by the Academy of a Private Investor is necessary for those who:

  • Already work in the investment, stock and foreign exchange markets and are ready to open up to new progressive areas in investment;
  • Already work in the multilevel crowdinvesting system and in the crowdinvesting market;
  • Believe investing and investment advice can be their life’s work;
  • Hear about this program for the first time and want to start studying a trend that is just gaining speed and will remain one of the most promising and demanded directions in the next 5-15-20 years;
  • Experienced investors who have already created a source of stable and high income, but have lost their passion or are looking for new experiences, acquaintances and opportunities to expand their business, and want to not only learn innovative technologies in investing, but also become part of a team ready to share the “financial and investment pie” worth hundreds of trillions;

Courses and lessons included in the program (theoretical knowledge + application in practice):

  • Fundamentals of investment consulting
  • Invest-consultant specialization: prospects for the development of the profession over the next 2-10 years
  • Expected demand for investment consultancy in the next 2-10 years
  • How to properly plan and create a personal brand for investment consultancy
  • How to create an additional source of income from 50% to 300% of your current salary or income
  • “Smart investment” technology: how to correctly offer and explain any investment instruments to the client and what options to use in order for the client to make a decision themselves
  • Top 10 investment markets to work with your potential clients
  • What technologies to use to determine the Investor Level and choose the most suitable investment strategy for the client
  • Risk levels that need to be shown to the client when making a decision
  • Trading strategies in investing that may suit the client, depending on what investor level they are
  • Pitfalls in working with clients
  • Portfolio strategies that can be adopted by clients and how to work with portfolio managers
  • Digital guarantees and technologies of the new digital economy
  • Real estate markets and how to work with them in investment consulting
  • Creation of a client base that will allow you to retire in 4-8 years with a fairly high return on investments
  • Methodology for attracting customers in the regions
  • PR and Marketing: the basics of building rapidly growing customer bases
  • Artificial intelligence and Digital doubles in Investing
  • The basics of public speaking and motivational presentations for your business
  • Creation of your life’s business plan for the next 50 years
  • Quick start algorithm
Pay for the program

Elite Program of a Private Investor

The program includes: "Profi-Investor 3/2/1 Categories" and new 1 category programs

Who is this program for:

  1. For those who have a great desire to learn how to invest, but still do not know anything about it;
  2. For those who have had more negative experience in investing than positive, but still have a desire to learn the science of investing in order to learn how to preserve and increase their savings;
  3. For those who believe that investing and investment consulting can be their life’s work;
  4. For those who have debts, want to pay them off faster and create another source of income in the investment business;
  5. For those who wish to learn how to create income from their investments from 15% to 35% per year with guaranteed and safe investments;
  6. For everyone who would like to understand and realize what it means to create 300% -1000% income on their investments;
  7. What to do to create capital of $ 1 000 000 or more over a period of 5-10 years with the lowest risks and high security;
  8. How to distinguish pyramid schemes and dysfunctional companies from really worthwhile offers and not get into trouble with the loss of savings;
  9. For those who are interested in exploring the Stock, Forex and Cryptocurrency markets and managing their capital in these markets;
  10. Financial plans for all categories and levels of investors;
  11. For those who are interested in understanding what a modern financial system is and how to protect oneself from inflation, hyperinflation and global crises;
  12. For those who are interested in understanding why there are high yield programs and hedge funds and how to define them for your portfolio;
  13. For those who are interested in understanding how to work in the stock markets and create portfolios with high portfolio returns of 2-5% per month.

Courses and lessons included in the program (theoretical knowledge + application in practice):

Fundamentals of investing

  • Basic concepts in investing and what financial independence and freedom are based on
  • 5 basic commandments of a private investor
  • Optimal financial plans
  • Diversification basics
  • Disciplinarity and risk management in investing
  • How to control greed and avoid laziness
  • What is the most profitable and reliable investment in the world at all times
  • Capital increase leads to absolute wealth
  • Rules for the creation of a reserve und
  • Fundamentals of financial and investment personal development
  • How $ 1 grows into $ 1 million and for how long
  • How to learn how to create an investment income of 300-100% per annum
  • Workshop
First steps in private investing

  • Assets and liabilities asset management and reduction of liabilities.
  • Why people lose money investing.
  • Investor levels and why understand these levels.
  • Investment strategies.
  • Understanding high yield investments and how to learn how to manage risk.
  • Pension programs, alternative pension programs.
  • Diversification strategies and risk hedging.
  • Drawing up a personal balance sheet.
  • What is an investment strategy and the choice of an investment strategy.
  • Selection of investment sectors.
  • Selection of investment instruments to create your own investment portfolio.
  • Control methodology and risk-profitability.
  • Basic principles of drawing up an investment portfolio.
  • Types of Invest portfolios.
  • Portfolio balancing.
  • Workshop on drawing up financial plans and investment portfolios.
  • How to create capital of $ 1 million or more.
Advanced private investor course. Equity markets and personal wealth portfolio management

  • Financial plans and how to develop your assets progressively
  • Financial plans of the poor and the rich
  • Retirement plans and how they differ
  • Rules for creating financial plans
  • Your goals and dreams in financial and pension plans
  • Objects of investment formation of objects
  • Investing tools basic understandings
  • Tools and investment opportunities in the education market
  • Banking sector as an investment component
  • Financial groups and definition of financial groups
  • Toolkit in financial groups and banking investment products
  • Insurance funds
  • Investment instruments in the insurance market
  • Stock market fundamentals of the stock market
  • Investing tools on stock exchanges
  • International stock exchanges and their significance and influence in the world financial and investment policy
  • Low risk investment instruments with guaranteed returns on stock exchanges
  • Medium risk instruments with a capital safety guarantee and a return of 2-5% per month
  • High risk instruments with a yield of 5-10% per month
  • Risk management when investing in stock markets
  • Brokerage on stock exchanges
  • Algorithmic strategies in private investing
  • Private equity robotics
  • Trading terminals how to work with trading terminals
  • Passive money management tools
  • What you need to understand and know when working with the stock markets
  • Basic standards for creating personal investment portfolios
  • The basics of exchange trading and your benefit is that you understand exchange trading
Global, public and corporate finance, the evolution of the creation of a modern digital decentralized policy

  • World finance and how the world economy is regulated
  • International banking systems and programs
  • Impact of world capital on geopolitics
  • Where does money come from in the world economy
  • Areas of influence of the forex market
  • World state currencies and their significance in the world financial system
  • State economic policy
  • Public finance and where does the money come from in each country how the money masses are formed
  • Monetary world politics
  • Corporate finance and its impact on government and world finance
  • Foreign exchange market and its significance in world finance
  • Instruments and objects of investment in the foreign exchange market
  • Regulation of foreign exchange markets
  • Benefits and dangers of investing in the forex markets
  • The decline of fiat monetary regulation and the rise of a new digital decentralized development
  • Cryptoeconomics and blockchain technologies
  • Basic tools on crypto markets
  • Prospects for the development of the crypto market
  • Globalization and cryptonomics
  • Private investing in the new digital age
FOREX foreign exchange market, history and development prospects. Benefits and risks for private investors

  • History of the emergence of the forex market
  • Professional forex market participants
  • Ensuring liquidity in the forex market
  • Forex trading basics
  • Benefits of a private investor when working with the forex market
  • Forex investment tools
  • Forex trading terminals
  • Creation of investment strategies in the forex market
  • Forex brokerage
  • Creation of individual strategies and investment portfolios in the forex market
  • Rules of the iron discipline when investing in forex
Cryptocurrency market and blockchain technologies. High profitability and risks for private investors

  • The history of the emergence of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies
  • Pioneers and their stories in the crypto industry
  • Investment uniqueness of cryptocurrency instruments
  • Crypto-exchanges and their peculiarity in the development of blockchain technologies
  • Peculiarities of the public policy perception and the creation of national cryptocurrencies
  • Trends in the crypto industry and investment attractiveness
  • Tokenization of business processes
  • Variety of tokens
  • Tokenomics and smart contracts what a private investor needs to know about it
  • Trading on crypto exchanges and its peculiarity in contrast to the stock and foreign exchange markets
  • Risk management and the rules of iron discipline in the crypto market
  • Detailed plan when investing in the crypto market
Venture market and business equity market

  • Venture market investment features
  • Stages of investing in the venture market
  • Pros and cons of investing in the venture market
  • Equity participation in business and new ventures
  • Equity participation in a developing company
  • Equity participation in ready-made with the aim of expanding the business
  • Equity participation in scientific potential
  • Precious metals extraction markets pros and cons
  • Investing in innovative technologies pros and cons
  • Investment market for the development of culture and cinematography
  • Health and longevity investment market
  • Investment market of multilevel crowdinvesting
  • Investment market of IT technologies
  • Investments in the development of space innovations
  • Investments in EP (equity participation) public catering and wholesale and retail trade
  • Real estate investment market
  • Investing in educational services and platforms
  • Investing in innovative transport technologies
  • Investments in the development of alternative energy sources
  • Investments in the agricultural sector
Globality in creating an investment portfolio, what are the advantages, pros and cons

  • Portfolio thinking
  • Portfolio creation algorithms
  • Portfolio types
  • The globality of macroeconomics
  • Globality in private investment
  • Global investing toolkit
  • Risk diversification in global investing
  • Benefits and benefits of creating a Global4 Investment Portfolio

After completing the program and studying all the materials, you must pass the test. After passing with over 80% of correct answers, you will receive:

Certificate of completion of the "Profi-Investor 1 Category" course

Invest-Consultant certificate

Program cost:


  • Multidisciplinary professional investor.
  • Setting up an investment consulting business with monthly income of up to 50 thousand per month.
  • Creation and management of assets worth over 10 million USD in 2 – 8 years.

Cost: 1520 $


  • Profi-Investor 3 category.
  • Profi-Investor 2 category.
  • Profi-Investor 1 category.

Cost: 1520 $

Full cost:
3040 $
3040 $
1300 $

Results at the end of the training:

You will form investment-progressive skills, theoretical knowledge and practical experience

You will improve results in the MLCI business and investment activities by 5-25 times

You will get a fundamental base that will allow you to reach a stable and constantly growing income from consulting and creating a personal investment portfolio in 3-15 months

You will gain knowledge on investing, preserving and increasing capital, allowing you to lead a life without debt and get a source of passive income from investment business from 15% to 35% per year with guaranteed and safe investments

You will learn to distinguish pyramid schemes from worthwhile offers, understand the essence of the modern financial system and choose the best offers for your personal investment portfolio

You will receive a certificate of completion of the program and the opportunity to conduct consulting/educational activities, with an income from $ 5 000 to $ 50 000 per month

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